Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learn from Takashi Atoda

Serious illness became a turning point of life - a case of Takashi Atoda.

Probably, many readers have experience which carried out serious illness and an injury to the past? The serious illness of tuberculosis in some two writers' life became a turning point. Of course, it must have been misfortune. However, they did not become a backward feeling. They continued the ordinary life, without being eager too much. And they became a writer naturally as if they were led by God.
We also have many things to be learned from two writers about a novel theory. However, I wants to make it introduce separately and to explain two persons' way of life here.
Takashi Atoda is a famous writer of short story in Japan.

Takashi Atoda was born in 1935. He was born in a rich home as that time, and experienced the end of the war at the age of ten. Then, he entered the Waseda University Department of French Literature. In view of the time, he was going through happy life. The turning point visited at the time of the sophomore in a university. This year, he suffered from tuberculosis and spent two years in the sanatorium. Tuberculosis of those days was a serious illness with few cures. Although illness was cured after a while, job-hunting activities were serious this time. He wanted to become a newspaper reporter, however, He was not employed for reasons of the medical checkup. He was not employed for the same reason in other companies. In order to prove that his illness was cured completely, he brought the Roentgen-rays film and interviewed the doctor in attendance of the company. He was still frozen off.
Finally, he took the personnel employment examination of the National Diet Library. He brought the Roentgen-rays film also here and interviewed the doctor in charge. The kind doctor approved him by saying "it is OK if it is here." He was employed happily.
At the time of the start, Takashi Atoda was thinking to reach mandatory retirement age, and to live on a pension. Working there, he wrote the report of the magazine and got the income. Thatfs how he became independent as a writer.
gMy health would be injured in double roles. The work which writes rather than work of a library suits me.h He decided so and became independent decisively.
In 1979, he won the Naoki Prize by the "Napoleon freak."
He is still playing an active role in the literary worls.

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