Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learns from Wahei Tatematsu

He threw away the elite's way and lived the life of change of occupation.

We say that they have originality to people with the talent, the way of life, the view, and character different from others
We have an image that the people with originality are coruscating somehow, but the talk is different when such a person is in our surroundings actually. Most people will see the originative people with a contemptuous feeling of or see them suspiciously. He is not necessarily living the pleasant life. He may be living the hard painful life rather. But, he cannot let you surrounding people understand. Wahei Tatematsu is an originative writer in Japan. He also says, "It was very hard" until he could get his living as a writer.
Wahei Tatematsu was born to Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi prefecture in Japan, in December, 1947. He graduated from the Waseda University department of politics and economics. He won the Waseda literary Rookie of the Year award during enrollment in school.
According to his career, he had been walking the elite big road pine When he was a fourth year student in a university, he decided to get a job of a major publishing company., however, he declined entrance into a company and has remained in the same class for another year. Thatfs simple reason why he would like to continue to write novels.
His wandering started. He continued a life of writing a novel while earning his living expenses by physical labor, such as a civil engineer, a driver, and cargo work of a fish market. Naturally many of his friends had found a job at the major company. Wahei heard their voices similar to irony or jealousy.
Although Wahei carried into the publishing company the manuscript of the novel which he had wrote with difficulty, it was not quite adopted. Wahei still continued to write. It is because writing was only a means to prove existence for him.
Although the life was poor, Wahei got married these days. Did he give up once becoming a novelist? Then, he returned to the hometown and found a job at the city office in Utsunomiya.
But, Wahei was very keen to write a novel After a while, he had left the city office.
In 1980, he won the Noma literature Rookie of the Year award by the gDistant Thunder: A Novel of Contemporary Japan.h His full-scale writer activity began from that time. Wahei Tatematsu says that to be rich in originality is never an easy thing. It is hard rather.
After he was accepted as a professional writer, he tells about a literary world as follows. The world which was glorious from a distance was the wilderness, when I actually saw and stood there
Those who become a writer from readers of this page will come out. I would like you to keep these words in mind till then. Furthermore, next his words are good. My dream is writing a masterpiece too. Writing a masterpiece by which not only myself but many people will be impressed.h
There are various motivations to aim at a writer. For some persons, those are money or honor. But, the thing which almost all writers aim at finally is writing a masterpiece.

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